Continuity Partners



Before joining Continuity Partners, Stephen was working in sales while studying for the LSAT and preparing to pursue a career as a Public Defender.  When it became clear to Stephen that Law School was going to be a long and expensive journey, he decided to find a career that involved making a positive impact on people outside of the legal system.  When he sat down with Marc, Kevin, John, and Jess at Continuity, it became clear that he could both have a positive impact on candidates’ careers, as well as build core skills that would serve him well in his own professional career.  At Continuity Partners, Stephen acquired a solid foundation in recruiting, account management, and building strategic partnerships.  Stephen is now the Director of Talent Acquisition at Kurtosys (, a startup that helps Asset Managers attract and retain investors by using digital media to transform the way financial information is presented, shared, and consumed.