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Continuity Partners - Recruiter


We seek an experienced recruiter who wants an environment where they are free.

Free to use their own words 
Free to decide whether to email, InMail or cold call
Free to recruit on jobs of their choosing
Free to work where they want - home, office, coffeehouse, wherever
Free to focus on account management, candidate development or both

We recognize that the best recruiters follow their own instincts and crave autonomy.  We offer you the chance to work with the best companies in the technology, banking and hedge fund space.

In exchange for this autonomy, we ask that you work hard and you commit yourself to excellence and self-improvement on a daily basis. We ask that you be receptive to feedback and are willing to offer suggestions on how we can execute better.  Our belief is that only through continuous learning can one find happiness in their work.

If you are interested, please seek us out for a conversation.