Continuity Partners



Procurer of Awesomeness

Growing up the son of a VP of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 firm and a senior statistician for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, John knew that he never wanted to be involved in any facet of the employment industry. Sadly, the growth spurt that allowed him to be a dominate the 8th grade basketball circuit didn't continue; the promise of stock option millions during the first dot com boom failed; a lifetime commitment to backpacking around the world became a nine-month affair both hot (Vietnam) and cold (Belgium); (and he swears he was this close to landing the lead role in Eurotrip [though all we can find are some odd photos of him in tights doing Shakespeare]); all of which led him into a temp-staffing agency where a chipper recruiter asked him if he had ever considered being a headhunter. Speechless, he nodded his head yes, and he’s been interrupting people's days ever since.

John has a BA in political science from Georgetown, worked as a programmer at the height of the dot com boom (but mostly the bust), and joined Continuity Partners in 2007.